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We take the best and the brightest young professionals, provide them with fast-paced learning and growth experiences during an 18-month program, and challenge them to excel.

This is not an internship; this is a real job designed for high-potential individuals to achieve success in a managerial or leadership role with opportunities for rapid growth in our organization… if they rise to the occasion. Nothing is given, it is earned in the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP).


Where could the ELP take you?

Heartland has opportunities in both of its headquarters in Dubuque, IA, and Denver, CO, as well across 11 member banks in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana and California.

Where do you want your career to take you? Take some time and discover your true passion in the ELP.


What does my future look like?

Upon completion of the ELP, you will be promoted directly into one of these critical banking roles (and many more).

  • Portfolio Manager
  • Commercial Card Account Manager
  • Deposit Operations Analyst
  • Treasury Management Banking Officer
  • Asset Liability Administration
  • Retail Sales Area Manager
  • Online Development Strategist


What culture will you be joining?

You will become part of a growing organization that is going through substantial change, upgrading systems, creating new processes and top-grading our staff, all to push decisions closer to our customers and prepare us for the future. You will join us with the unique opportunity to be part of that change, part of the future of Heartland.

We have a culture of accountability; we believe everyone should pull their own weight. That accountability drives us to excellence, excellence in our service to each other and to our customers.



From your first day, you will learn about Heartland's direction and vision directly from the senior executives that are driving it. You'll then experience the following three Phases of professional development through:

Phase 1 – Immersion Learning Phase 2 – Rotations Phase 3 – Apprenticeship

Credit and the associated credit policies are the foundation of how any bank does business, survives and thrives, or fails and disappears. You will be immersed in this critical area for six months so that, no matter your track, you will appreciate what information drives most banking decisions.

By the end of this phase, you will have obtained an in-depth knowledge of the credit area, allowing you to take that understanding into any career path here within Heartland.

These provide you with an understanding of key areas within your chosen track by rotating through those areas. Tracks include Sales/Customer facing and Operations/Shared services. By the end of the phase, you will be able to select the position you would like to serve as an apprentice in for the final program phase.

Rotations can include Commercial, Wealth Management, Marketing and Human Resources.

In your final phase, you will be embedded in a department where you will do a deep dive. This area should reflect your passion and serve as a method to fully understand all the aspects of your future role.

Upon graduation, you will move directly into your new position, fully functional and mission ready!



Deb Deters – Chief Human Resource Officer
“Heartland is going through a period of unprecedented growth. Over the past three years, the company has increased its assets by almost 50%. We have also engaged in more capital improvements in our organization than at any other time.

However, we can upgrade our systems and improve our products and services, but if we do not bring in the best people, then all other investments lose their impact. Our Emerging Leaders Program is designed to bring in the type of leaders who will take the investments we are making today into the future. You could be one of those future leaders!”

Dietz Meyer – Current ELP Member
“The Emerging Leaders Program has provided me with the invaluable opportunity to dive right into my career and gain exposure to all aspects of the banking and financial industry.

To directly interact with C-level executives of a $12.6 billion company frequently, and as soon as my first day on the job, provides for a unique opportunity that is second to none. This program has ultimately allowed me to discover my interests and passions, polish my professional skills, showcase my abilities to leaders in the company, and expand my knowledge of the functions of a bank.

I am confident the ELP will put me in a great position to grow and advance, travel the country, and thrive in the business world.”


Join our team today.

Jen Hogue-Mercer
Leadership Development Facilitator*

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