Make an IMPACT at HTLF

IMPACT at Heartland Leadership Program

Immersive Mentorship Program and Advanced Career Training

What is the IMPACT of the HTLF Leadership Program?

We take the best and the brightest early career professionals, provide them with fast-paced learning and growth experiences during a 12-month program, and place them into a full-time role within the area of their career aspirations at the end of the 12 months… if they rise to the occasion. Nothing is given, it is earned in the IMPACT program. Participants who earn their placement in a full-time position move on to an accelerated career path that will culminate in a leadership position within 1-3 years.

This is Not an Internship

This is a real job designed for high-potential individuals to achieve success in a managerial or leadership role with opportunities for rapid growth in our organization.

IMPACT program associates are not limited to a career in banking. Opportunities for placement are also available in other areas of interest such as Human Resources, Risk and Fraud, Project Management, and Information Technology.

IMPACT Associates are provided a robust and intensive 12-month experience intended on empowering them to be leaders and influencers across the HTLF footprint. In the first three months, program participants enter the HTLF Academy which consists of three components – The HTLF Story, Banking 101, and Leadership Development. The HTLF Story provides participants with in-depth insight into our strategy, history, lines of business and products, our customer base and competitive edge, and the unique profiles of our banks. Regardless of the career path participants are on, they are provided with essential knowledge in the fundamentals of banking in our Banking 101 curriculum.

Finally, our Leadership Development program provides IMPACT associates with knowledge and skills in influence and persuasion and management and leadership. In the final nine months of the program, participants enter the Immersive Career Development phase where they embark on an intensive and specialized training program within the area of their selected career path and desired full-time placement. Throughout the program, participants will be provided with opportunities to network and learn from the top executives and leaders in our company.

These specialized experiences will enable program participants to become key influencers – uniquely positioned as partners with leaders across our footprint while our organization continues to evolve.

Banking 101


    The Risk IMPACT Associate will primarily rotate through Enterprise Risk Management, Financial Crimes Risk Management and Corporate Compliance departments within Risk Management. The rotation will provide the candidate with an overview of each area and a better understanding of the risk management areas overall. This will also include opportunities to assist in substantive projects, initiatives and workflow processes. The candidate will gain exposure to Financial Crimes Risk Management, Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management to prepare them for a career path as an Enterprise Risk Management Specialist, Compliance Fair and Responsible Banking Specialist, Financial Crimes Risk Management Analyst, or Fraud Analyst.

    Bachelor's Degree required in Finance, Economics, Business Management, Statistics, Computer Science, Criminal Justice and/or related fields would be a typical route.

What Are IMPACT Program Associates and Alumni Saying About Their Experience?

Carly Horsman, Leadership Development Program Facilitator
“This program kickstarted my career by filling it with experiences that helped me develop and understand my own style of leadership and presented me with many opportunities to grow and become the young professional that I’ve always known I could be. With an emphasis on leadership development, this program offered me the tools and skills necessary to be a key contributor to HTLF. Between the panels of guest speakers and one-on-one interviews with higher management and leaders of HTLF, I was able to gain a better appreciation as to what it means to be a great leader and understand what it takes to influence decision-making. Now, a year later, I am being developed into the role that will allow me to become the leader that I’ve always known I could be! I am so thankful to have this experience so early on in my career. Thank you, HTLF!”


German Gutierrez, IMPACT Associate
"The IMPACT Program has presented me with an array of unique opportunities and experiences! I have had the pleasure of collaborating directly with upper-level management on Tier-1 projects that significantly impacted the company and our banks. Being involved in day-to-day activities has helped me learn a lot about the banking industry and how the company operates holistically. One facet about the program that has brought significant value was the opportunity to meet and interact with the CEO, Directors and Bank Presidents. Hearing about their experiences and the road they have taken in their careers has taught me valuable lessons and opened my eyes to what traits a person must have to lead successfully. IMPACT has also allowed me to explore my passions and see where I find myself going in my career. I decided to learn more about credit, and that is where I am currently doing career development training. Now, they are training me on how to successfully underwrite corporate deals and determine what kinds of loan structures are appropriate for our borrowers. All exciting stuff! I believe that IMPACT has provided me with the right tools and resources I need to succeed and keep moving forward in my career.

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