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Food is one of our most basic needs in life. However, when considering seasonality, labor, technology, regulations, the food and agribusiness industry faces a growing crop of challenges, risks and opportunities.

At HTLF Food & AgriBusiness, we partner with amazing farmers, ranchers, ag inputs, processors, and distributors along the entire farm to fork spectrum to help you succeed in your noble mission of feeding the world. With a specialized financial team, you can depend on insights, guidance, and financial resources to manage with confidence.

Our team consists of experienced, talented professionals with deep food and agriculture roots. Working exclusively in this space, we provide financial solutions for growth or acquisitions such as working capital, real estate and term loans, equipment finance and more, to support growth-oriented industry leaders in Food, Beverage and Agriculture:

  • Fresh Produce
  • Tree Fruits & Nuts
  • Horticulture
  • Wine & Viticulture
  • Beverage
  • Cold Storage, Cooling & Food Logistics
  • Food Processors, Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Food Ingredients
  • Agricultural Inputs, Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Grain & Farm Supply
  • Livestock & Dairy

Meet our Team of Food and Agribusiness Experts

Amanda Kendricks

Commercial Banker,
SVP - Phoenix


Amanda joined Arizona Bank & Trust in 2016. In that time, she has proven to perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus   Read more...

Amanda Kendricks

Commercial Banker,
SVP - Phoenix


Amanda joined Arizona Bank & Trust in 2016. In that time, she has proven to perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus   Read more...

Marcus Butler

Senior Portfolio Manager,
VP - Phoenix


Amanda joined Arizona Bank & Trust in 2016. In that time, she has proven to perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus   Read more...

Jeff Travis

Market President,


Corey Wolf

Private Banker,
Mortgage Lender


Hakan Erdinc

Senior Managing Director,


Hakan joined HTLF in August 2021, bringing 32 years of commercial banking experience in F&A, Middle Market   Read more...

Patrick Bishop

Managing Director,


Patrick joined HTLF in August 2021 with a wealth of industry knowledge having worked in financial services his   Read more...

Charlie Synold

Managing Director,


Charlie joins HTLF as a highly skilled solutions-oriented Managing Director of Food & Agribusiness. He works   Read more...

Garrett B. Yacopetti

Senior Relationship Manager,


Garrett joins HTLF with 12+ years of experience in banking, previously managing and growing a $200MM+ debt   Read more...

Travis Moncada

Senior Relationship Manager,


Travis joins HTLF as a seasoned banking professional with over 15 years of commercial banking, lending,   Read more...

Douglas E. Weber

Senior Relationship Manager,


Doug brings over three decades of banking experience to his new role as SVP, Senior Relationship Manager at   Read more...

Denny Rudd

Senior Relationship Manager,


Denny comes from a Northern California family farm and joins the HTLF team with over 20 years of commercial and   Read more...

Wesley Deen

Relationship Manager,


Wesley joined HTLF in August 2021.  Prior to joining the team, Wesley worked for a large commercial bank   Read more...

Tyler Jewell

Relationship Manager,


Tyler joined the HTLF team as a VP, Relationship Manager in August 2021. He previously worked as a financial   Read more...

Arianne Hall

Sr. Treasury Management Officer,


Arianne joined HTLF Food & Agribusiness in August 2021 as a Senior Treasury Management Officer. With over 20   Read more...

Steven Knudsen

Director of Business Development


Steve Knudsen joined the HTLF Food & AgriBusiness team in 2022, but he is no stranger to the industry! His   Read more...

Brian Jones

Senior Managing Director


Brian joined HTLF in September 2019. His experience spans across commercial real estate, capital markets, wealth   Read more...

Gary Fowler

Managing Director Middle-Market


Gary joined HTLF in October 2020. He is a noted speaker on the debt markets and has over thirty years of banking   Read more...

Chris Leff

Managing Director,
Commercial Real Estate


Chris joined HTLF in 2021 as the Director of Commercial Real Estate, bringing a diverse background across the   Read more...

Bryan Nance



Bryan joined HTLF in October 2020 as a seasoned finance and middle market healthcare lender with knowledge   Read more...

Julie (Carlisle) Streu



Julie is the Director of Syndications at Heartland Financial USA, Inc. (HTLF). She is responsible for building   Read more...

Ed Cooper

Food & Beverage


Ed is Director Specialized Industries, SVP of Heartland Financial USA, Inc. (HTLF). He is responsible for the   Read more...

Patrick Harrington

Commercial Real Estate,


Patrick joined HTLF as the Director of Commercial Real Estate in 2021. In this role, he supports commercial real   Read more...

Mark Smith



Mark Smith joins HTLF Specialized Industries as a Director with over 30 years experience in asset based and   Read more...

Luke Rhyner

Franchise Finance,


Luke joins HTLF as the Director of Franchise Finance with 18 years of banking experience, most recently as a   Read more...

Mike Lee

Middle Market,
Associate Director


Mike joined the HTLF team in 2016. After serving various roles in Credit and Portfolio Management, he joined   Read more...

Bryan R. McKeag

Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining HTLF in September of 2013, Bryan served as Executive Vice President, Corporate Controller and   Read more...

Deborah K. Deters

Executive Vice President,
Chief Human Resources Officer

Deb Deters joined HTLF as Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer in December 2017. She oversees   Read more...

Mark A. Frank

Executive Vice President,

Mark Frank joined HTLF as Regional Operations Officer in November 2019. He has a wealth of industry-specific   Read more...

Nathan R. Jones

Executive Vice President,
Chief Credit Officer

Nathan Jones joined HTLF as Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer in July of 2020. He is responsible for   Read more...

Kevin C. Karrels

Executive Vice President,
Head of Consumer Banking

Kevin Karrels joined HTLF as Executive Vice President, Head of Consumer Banking, in March 2019. He is responsible   Read more...

Jay L. Kim

Executive Vice President,
General Counsel

Jay has worked with banking and financial services clients for over 30 years, spending half of his career as   Read more...

Dennis J. Mochal

Executive Vice President,
Chief Information Officer

Dennis joined HTLF in May 2019. He is responsible for managing all facets of HTLF's information technology needs,   Read more...

Tamina L. O'Neill

Executive Vice President,
Chief Risk Officer

Tamina comes to HTLF with extensive senior management and leadership experience having worked in small, mid-size   Read more...

Michael Wamsganz

President and CEO,
Citywide Banks

Michael Wamsganz joined Citywide Banks, a division of HTLF Bank, as the Director of Commercial Banking in April   Read more...

David A. Prince

Executive Vice President,
Head of Commercial Banking

David Prince joined HTLF as Executive Vice President, Head of Commercial Banking in November 2018. He is   Read more...

Janet M. Quick

Executive Vice President,
Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Janet joined HTLF. in 1994 as Internal Auditor, bringing with her four years of banking experience accompanied by   Read more...

Kevin G. Quinn

Executive Vice President,
Chief Banking Officer

Kevin, Chief Banking Officer and EVP has leadership responsibility for markets within HTLF. Kevin joined Citywide   Read more...

Shelley Reed

Executive Vice President,
Corporate Strategy & Development

With over 20 years in the financial services industry, including 15 years of investment banking experience,   Read more...

John K. Schmidt

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Schmidt has been the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of A.Y. McDonald Industries since 2013   Read more...

Duane E. White


Duane is a partner at Aveus, a management consulting firm in St. Paul, Minnesota. Prior to joining Aveus, Duane   Read more...

Kathryn Graves Unger


Ms. Unger currently serves at Cargill as Vice President, North America –Government Relations. Before that, Ms.   Read more...

Robert B. Engel


Robert B. Engel, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of BLT Advisory Services, LLC, a boutique advisory   Read more...

Thomas L. Flynn

Vice Chairman

Tom is retired (Flynn Ready-Mix Concrete, President). Tom was elected to the Iowa State Senate in 1994, where he   Read more...

Martin J. Schmitz


Marty was elected to the HTLF Board of Directors in May 2018. He served as Chairman of Citywide Banks, which was   Read more...

Lynn B. Fuller


Lynn is a Director on the HTLF board as well as Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Dubuque Bank and Trust   Read more...

Jennifer K. Hopkins


Jenny is a managing partner at Crescendo Capital and is currently the CEO of one of Crescendo’s portfolio   Read more...

Susan Murphy


Ms. Murphy has been a Principal at The Grace Alliance, LLC in Denver, which assists individuals and families in   Read more...

Christopher S. Hylen


Chris is chief executive officer and a board member of Reltio, Inc., a software as a service company headquartered   Read more...

Bruce K. Lee

President and CEO

Bruce joined HTLF in 2015, and brings more than 30 years of experience in the banking industry. Prior to joining   Read more...

Bruce K. Lee

President and CEO

Bruce joined HTLF in 2015, and brings more than 30 years of experience in the banking industry. Prior to joining   Read more...