HTLF Food & AgriBusiness

Food is one of our most basic needs in life. However, when considering seasonality, labor, technology, and regulations, the food and agribusiness industry faces a growing crop of challenges, risks, and opportunities.

At HTLF Food & AgriBusiness, we partner with amazing farmers, ranchers, ag inputs, processors, and distributors along the entire farm-to-fork spectrum to help you succeed in your noble mission of feeding the world. With a specialized financial team, you can depend on insights, guidance, and financial resources to manage with confidence.

Our team consists of experienced, talented professionals with deep food and agriculture roots. Working exclusively in this space, we provide financial solutions for growth or acquisitions including working capital, real estate and term loans, equipment finance and more, to support growth-oriented industry leaders in Food, Beverage and Agriculture:

  • Fresh Produce
  • Tree Fruits & Nuts
  • Horticulture
  • Wine & Viticulture
  • Beverage
  • Cold Storage, Cooling & Food Logistics
  • Food Processors, Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Food Ingredients
  • Agricultural Inputs, Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Grain & Farm Supply
  • Livestock & Dairy

Meet our Team of Food and Agribusiness Experts

Senior Managing Director, EVP
Senior Relationship Manager, SVP
Senior Relationship Manager, SVP
Senior Relationship Manager, SVP
Relationship Manager, VP
Relationship Manager, VP
Sr. Treasury Management Officer, VP
Director of Business Development
Director, Food & Beverage
Relationship Manager, VP

Our Commercial Banking Team is ready to help your business grow.